What's New For Infants


Organic cotton is what you want nowadays. A brand new mother will find an variety of sensory play equipment and baby products produced from 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is produced from cotton plants that haven't be given pesticide sprays. This causes it to have a low effect on the atmosphere and guarantees new moms that there are less chemicals in contact with baby's skin. A few of the organic cotton bedding products which are new for infants recently, include blankets, towels and crib sheets. Serta is even marketing an anti-microbial bed mattress created using organic cotton layers and vinyl that's free from phthalates.

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Baby Gear

Baby gear produced from organic materials can also be available. A business known as Nature's Purest has released a type of baby gear that's covered in organic natural colored cotton. Their line features a highchair, bouncy chair, bassinet, swing or even a portable play yard.

Skin Care

Some of the most widely used natural items for infants are skin care products. You will find an array of options which include shampoos, lotions, soaps, sun screens and nappy rash cream. One product that's new for infants is an organic soothing spray. It's created by Nature's Baby Organics and it has a calming lavender smell that utilizes aromatherapy to calm and relax baby. Mum or Dad can simply spray it around the infant's bedding or favorite blanket.


Organic baby food production has elevated greatly in the last 5 years. You'll find organic infant food readily available on the supermarket shelf.  Many parents today are even making their very own organic baby food by pureeing fresh organic fruits and vegetables at home. Although it is not food, another popular item that's new for infants at feeding time may be the BPA free bottle.


With all the lead fresh paint and BPA plastic scares recently, parents are turning increasingly more to any or all natural wooden toys for his or her infants. This trend has elevated the recognition of wooden toys and cloth faced dolls. For infants, wooden rattles and teething rings are widely available and becoming very popular.